Subscribers of Review Pete are allowed to use this platform to communicate with their existing clients and past clients. By subscribing to our service and using the software you are implying that these email addresses and mobile numbers are current or past customers. Misuse or spam will result in account suspension. In short, don’t blast emails and text messages to people who have no idea who you are.





Customize your email!

We have a template that’s intentionally broad. Watch the video, customize yours, and remember to also customize the follow-up email and the text message.

Volume is key

Even with Review Pete, not all review requests will be answered. Send emails to as many customers as possible.

Build your list

Export your customer lists. Go back a year or two if you need, but don’t spam. Remember the first tip: volume is key.

Be consistently consistent.

Add new email addresses daily or, at the very least, weekly. A steady drip of real reviews is the best way to build visibility and credibility with your online profiles.

Send in small batches

Send your emails from your existing list in small batches spread out over weeks or even months. This will ensure a natural drip of real reviews. Also, if you make a mistake, you can correct it with minimal fallout.