Take Control of Online Google Reviews of Your Business

When you’re thinking about buying something, what’s one thing you do? Most likely, you search online to get details about the product. You learn about its features and price. Next, you’ll look at reviews.

Those reviews matter.

A lot.

A Bright Local Review Survey has found that 85 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The survey also reports that 97 percent of customers use the internet to find a local business.

Search for a restaurant. Any restaurant. In most cases, the reviews show up first. Occasionally, the restaurant’s website will appear at the top of the search engine results pages, but star ratings are often right there below the entry.

That split second could mean the difference between clicking through and clicking away.

I can’t control online reviews of my business, can I?

Actually, you can.

Some of your happy customers may tell others about you. But not all of them think to go online and rate your business. Review Pete is an automatic and friendly way to nudge them to review your business online.

The online review management software lets you effortlessly personalize your email and text messages asking for a review. All you do is enter your new customers into Review Pete’s dashboard. And they’ll automagically receive a request for a review. This exponentially boosts the chances of them reviewing your business.

How does customer review software work?

The good news is that most users say they had a great experience with your business and would recommend you to others. Here’s how to manage online reviews with Review Pete. The good news is that you won’t have to start your email template from scratch. Review Pete uses a broadly worded email as a starting point. You’ll customize the review request as well as a follow-up email and text message.

Just export your customer lists into the software. You can go back a year or two, whatever is reasonable as Review Pete doesn’t condone spam. When you send out the messages, you’ll send a small batch at a time. It’s better to spread out your reviews to be published consistently rather than all at once.

A steady flow of real reviews will build credibility and visibility for your company’s online profiles. Review Pete typically yields a 5 to 7 percent good review rate. In other words, for every 100 emails you send, it results in 5 to 7 good online reviews. We’ve seen a high of 15 percent. The number varies based on industry.

But what about bad reviews?

Review Pete thought of everything. Obviously, you don’t want the bad review to go online. But you do want to hear about negative experiences so you can make changes.

When a client receives a Review Pete email or text, the message asks if the client recommends your business. When the answer is no, the client will fill out a star rating and share their feedback. Only you get the feedback. Not Google. Not Yelp. Not any other review site.

Sometimes when customers have a problem, they don’t report it. Review Pete keeps the bad review offline and lets you learn about issues so you can fix it and improve your business.

One owner saw his business rating soar to 4.8 on Google with almost 60 client reviews. This can be you. Ready to grow your business with more positive reviews? Give Review Pete a go. It comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.